Logic Solver HIPPS

The logic solver uses inputs from the initiators, pressure transmitters, and other devices as required by the safety analysis, to close the valve.
The logic solver can either be PLC or Solid State devices. PLC’s are redundant to mitigate spurious trips or erroneous closers by failed PLC logic.
In the event a single PLC or solid state device fails, an alarm is generated to the DCS to initiate maintenance on the system.

These same alarms can be generated for any of the components in the HIPPS package, valve, actuator, pressure transmitter, solenoids, position indicating device and others as required.
The logic solver can be configured in any type of cabinet suitable for the area classification or environmental condition at site. CAM Valves will provide the components as well as the programming and engineering, HMI, installation, commissioning, start up, and maintenance of the system.